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In the Ancona district in the Marche region, a historically productive area for the construction of molds and for the processing of plastics, a group of companies, located within a few kilometers radius, cooperating over time, have consolidated under a single management.
A proven synergy, rewarded by the productive success of important companies, because it is made up of people whose passion for work is rooted in family traditions and where new solutions are sought every day for customer satisfaction.
The resolution of contingent problems has formed a winning mentality capable of anticipating the error by reducing the time required to set up the mold.
The knowledge of fluid dynamics together with those of mechanics allow to predict the real circulation of the fluid polymer inside the cavities, optimizing speed and path times.

DPS is a single operator of a contract able to give value to the multiple operations linked to the production of complex molding.
A service coordinated by highly specialized technicians but above all experts who have dedicated an entire life to the molding of plastic.
DPS - Dynamic Production System - is a hub of advanced technical knowledge organized in a dynamic system for the production of complex plastic molding.
DPS is able to fluidify the entire industrial process, guaranteeing organic unity and perfect circulation of technical information in a close-knit network of interdependent organs.


IDEA COMPANY is the thinking head upstream of the entire production organism, the designers have experience and mentality to anticipate the error, reducing the overall time required to set up the special mold and fluidifying the industrial process to obtain the finished product.

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DPS - injection division - is one of the reference executive arms for the specific complex molding equipment. In partnership with RIPI, experts in precision mechanics, it forms a functional unit for the sale of special equipment and consultancy for capillary system design. They are expert and highly specialized technicians with strong mechanical and fluid dynamics knowledge who have the competence to transform a traditional plant into a special one.

NEXUS is the other operating arm for the execution of the industrial process of special molding of any thermoplastic polymer. From the creation of special molds up to the operative phases of molding and testing, all the industrial flow is articulated to achieve the optimal operation of the apparatus and the excellence of the final product.

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